Our Team

Henry Hubermann

Paediatrician (Specialist in child and adolescence medicine)

Already when I was nine years old, I knew that I wanted to be a paediatrician.

After having worked in various hospitals at home and abroad for many years, I fulfilled my dream of opening my own practice in 2006. Here I can put my expertise and passion to good use.

The children should feel at ease in my practice and should want to come back and the parents should also feel comfortable.

Life is becoming more and more hectic and hardly any one takes the time to listen any more. I always make time for your questions, worries and fears

Dr. Ragnhild Dallwitz

Paediatrician (Specialist in child and adolescence medicine)

When I did my practical year in a neonatal ward, it soon became apparent that I could not imagine being anything other than a paediatrician.

I have been working as a paediatrican since 1997 and as a specialist for paediatrics and youth medicine since 2004.

Being the mother of 3 children, I have gained a lot of additional experience with children and am happy to pass this on along with my medical knowledge. I find the daily work with children and their families very rewarding.

Cornelia Paterna

Paediatrician (Specialist in child and adolescence medicine)

Even in my youth I worked a lot with children, e.g. looking after children’s playgroups in the parish, so that I looked for clinical traineeships in pediatrics early on during my studies. After I saw bright children’s faces when I could help them, it was clear to me that this is exactly what I want for my job.

In 2008 I finished my studies in human medicine in Berlin. After a few years in the clinic, including neonatal intensive care and pulmonology, I have been working in outpatient pediatrics since 2018. I have been a specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine since 2019.

Through my two children I also learned a lot besides conventional medicine.

Dr. Katja Domke

Paediatrician (Specialist in child and adolescence medicine) at the location Oberschöneweide

I completed most of my specialist training at St. Joseph Hospital Berlin. During my work in a socio-pediatric center (SPZ), I was able to treat children with developmental and behavioral disorders and am familiar with developmental diagnostics, therapy and the support options available in Berlin. Whether previously in the child rescue center, in the intensive care unit or now in practice;

Even if medicine is to become more and more efficient, it is important to me to always be open to your questions and concerns. In my work at the Oberschöneweide pediatric practice, I look forward to getting to know you and your children and providing you with pediatric support on your journey together.

Luise Wolf


It was already clear to me at school that I wanted to work with children and young people. Even during my medical studies at the University of Leipzig, the desire to work in the pediatric field did not diminish and I began my further training in pediatric and adolescent medicine at the University Hospital Leipzig in 2016. After two years, I switched to pediatric cardiology at the Heart Center in Leipzig because I am very interested in this subject. I also stayed there for two years and now, after a year in COVID-19 research and parental leave, I will spend the rest of my time in the outpatient area. I really missed the practical work with small and large patients and parents and am looking forward to the practice. My first child was born in December last year and I love everything about raising a little human and giving them a sense of security.

Paul Glück


What I particularly appreciate about my work as an assistant doctor in pediatrics is the pleasant working atmosphere that prevails when there are children in the room. Children are relaxed and authentic. They are curious and love to fool around. I take great pleasure in taking away children’s fears in a playful way and through openness and empathy.

I started my training at the Children’s Hospital in Cottbus and worked there for 3 years until I returned to Berlin. Since I would like to settle down in the future, I look forward to the opportunity to further my education in this pediatric practice and to broaden my horizons of experience. What I particularly like about the outpatient work is being able to accompany the families over a long period of time, building relationships with one another and being able to watch the little ones grow up.

Jennifer Gese

Medical assistant

I always wanted to be a doctor’s assistant in a paediatric practice, but due to the scarceness of apprenticeship positions, I had to make a detour. Therefore, I did my apprenticeship at an internistic practice, which I greatly enjoyed.

In the end, my dream came true and I got a job with a paediatrician and could finally work with children, just as I had always wanted to

Besarta Xheladini

Medical assistant

I knew from a young age that I would like to work in the medical field. I am a helpful person and love dealing with people. I really enjoy working with children.It’s a great feeling to know that you can help both children and their parents and support them with any disease and in the development of the child.

I also spend a lot of time with my little niece at home. That’s why I completed my training in a pediatric practice. I have already gathered some years of professional experience in this field and I’m looking forward as a new team member to the new experiences in this pediatric practice.

Saskia Sprung

Medical assistant

As a young girl I didn’t know what I wanted to be, I just knew it should have something to do with children.

So I started training in a pediatric practice. Over the years I learned a lot and gained a lot of experience, which I now like to pass on.

I love and live pediatrics!

Leonora Ljoki

Medical assistant

As the eldest sister of two brothers, I learned early on to take care of them and take responsibility. Since working with children is a lot of fun and joy for me, I am all the happier to stay here as a medical assistant in this pediatric practice after my training.

Here I can live out my interest in medicine and dealing with children and expand my knowledge.

That is why I am very happy to always be there for you and to stand by your side.

Marie Sander

Medical assistant

I noticed early on through my two little brothers that I enjoy looking after and caring for children. In addition, my interest in medicine increased from year to year. This quickly made it clear: I wanted to work with children, so after school I began training as a medical assistant in Dresden. I knew from day one that this was the right career choice for me.

I love watching them grow up and conquering their little hearts. So I’m looking forward to being a member of the team and looking forward to the further apprenticeship!

Jara Michel

Medical assistant

Even before I graduated from school, it was clear to me that I wanted to work in the medical field one day. After doing several internships in different medical practices, I knew that pediatrics was just right for me. I really enjoy working with children, so I decided to do my training in a pediatric practice. Even after my training, I knew that I would remain loyal to the field.

Watching the children grow, supporting them on their journey and helping them get healthy is just a great feeling.

Thammakamol Wisetrit

Medical assistant, at the location Oberschöneweide

Professionally, I was an office clerk in my home country. In Germany I decided on a new career – a medical assistant. From my training (in a pediatrician’s practice) to today’s day-to-day practice (also in a pediatrician’s practice), I have always been connected to children. A smile from the little patients is a lottery win for me!”

Caroline Bachmann

Medical assistant, at the location Oberschöneweide

The medical field was probably born in my cradle. My grandparents and my parents were already working in this area. I completed my training at the Charité in 2010, where I was able to get to know many different departments. I only got to know and love pediatric medicine in my professional years afterwards.

I also have 4 children, 2 of which are older (11 and 12 years old) and the other two are still very small, only 1 year old. For this reason, I think I can empathize with what you and your children are going through, regardless of whether you have a small or large family. And I am also no stranger to the challenge of having twins.

I look forward to welcoming you and your children to the practice in Oberschöneweide. And if you have the time, a nice chat is also welcome :)

Jenni Rohland

Medical assistant at the location Oberschöneweide

I have my professional origins in the fashion industry, but over the years I have longed for a job with more meaning. The idea of learning the profession of MFA was born after the birth of my son. I like dealing with children and at the same time I find it very fulfilling when I can put a smile on the faces of the little patients (and parents).

Jenni Friese


It has always been my wish to work in the medical field.

Since I have 2 children myself, I realized that my health and caring for children is particularly important.
I can put myself in the parents’ shoes and understand them.
I can also muster a lot of patience and empathy for the little ones.

Nathalie Winter


After school, I oriented myself professionally and have now arrived at my dream training as a medical assistant at the pediatrician.From an early age, it was clear to me that I wanted to work in the medical field and with children.

I’ve always had a really good rapport with children. I can also understand the worries and fears of the parents.It makes me happy to see how a child who was anxious at the beginning leaves our practice with a smile.

I feel very comfortable and have arrived in the team.