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Our Team

Henry Hubermann

Paediatrician (Specialist in child and adolescence medicine)

Already when I was nine years old, I knew that I wanted to be a paediatrician.

After having worked in various hospitals at home and abroad for many years, I fulfilled my dream of opening my own practice in 2006. Here I can put my expertise and passion to good use.

The children should feel at ease in my practice and should want to come back and the parents should also feel comfortable.

Life is becoming more and more hectic and hardly any one takes the time to listen any more. I always make time for your questions, worries and fears

Dr. Ragnhild Dallwitz

Paediatrician (Specialist in child and adolescence medicine)

When I did my practical year in a neonatal ward, it soon became apparent that I could not imagine being anything other than a paediatrician.

I have been working as a paediatrican since 1997 and as a specialist for paediatrics and youth medicine since 2004.

Being the mother of 3 children, I have gained a lot of additional experience with children and am happy to pass this on along with my medical knowledge. I find the daily work with children and their families very rewarding.

Dr. Henrik Traulsen

Paediatrician (Specialist in child and adolescence medicine)
Entering a children’s surgery for the first time whilst completing my university degree, one thing instantly became apparent: this wasn’t just about beneficiary medicine,this was about making children, although they may be ill, feel good.
This is to me of great concern and extremely important.
I commenced my training in 2005,working in a paediatric clinic for a year, followed by approximately
10 years of training in various hospitals.I returned to a paediatric surgery in 2016 and it felt like I was finally  coming home.
I look forward to working with you and your children.

Dr. Laura Schrörs

Paediatrician (Specialist in child and adolescence medicine)
‘ Think about your script for our home page’ my boss called out as I was just about to head off into the upcoming weekend.
I was sitting on the train on my way home, jotting down notes, sorting out my thoughts, thinking about what inspired me to become a paediatrician,
when I suddenly noticed a small boy ,who was  travelling with his Mother,  sitting across from me.
He suddenly said ‘Mum,do you know what the worst thing about going to the Doctor is?’
‘ No ‘ answered his Mother.
Then the little boy said ‘it’s the needle prick’.
The Mother hugged her son.
He  looked out the window and said ‘Mum, do you know what the worst thing in the whole wide world is ?’
His Mother snuggled up to her son, looked at him and answered ‘no , what is it?’
The little boy answered: ‘to be sick. To be sick is the worst thing in the world.’
That I thought, is exactly right. That’s it!
For many years I’ve worked with cancer-stricken children. Both in Germany and abroad.
I would now like to continue my training in general paediatrics .
There is nothing more valuable in life than a healthy child.
I want tio help healthy children stay healthy and simultaneously help and treat ill children ,so that they also can be as happy and as carefree as healthy children.

Stefanie Wennike

Praxctice manager

Little personalities from birth!!!

Since August 2004 this has been my guiding principle for my work in paediatric practices. I also worked in a gynaecological practice, where, for many years, I gained an understanding of the fears and worries of the parents-to-be already before their first visit to the paediatrician.

In November 2013 I took the exams as manager for outpatient medical care.

I am looking forward to support and advise our patients and to assist in making the day-to-day life in the practice as pleasant as possible.

Jennifer Baier

I gained my experience as a doctor‘s assistant working in a gynaecological practice specialising in fertility treatment and high-risk pregnancies.

As I love working with children, it has always been my desire to work in a paediatric practice. Being a mother, I can empathise with your fears and worries and am happy to give you advice and support.

It is a good feeling if we can help children not to be afraid so that they leave the practice with a bright smile on their face.

Saskia Sprung

Already as a child I was very active with many other children.

From an early age, I took on the responsibility for the little ones in our extended family.

Therefore, becoming a doctor‘s assistant in a paediatric practice felt natural.

I am happy to share my experience as a doctor‘s assistant and mother with the children and their parents.

Jennifer Gese

I always wanted to be a doctor’s assistant in a paediatric practice, but due to the scarceness of apprenticeship positions, I had to make a detour. Therefore, I did my apprenticeship at an internistic practice, which I greatly enjoyed.

In the end, my dream came true and I got a job with a paediatrician and could finally work with children, just as I had always wanted to

Eva Thieme

Due to frequent visits to the Doctor as a child, I  later  decided to become a paediatric nurse,  so I could stand by the little ones and their parents in times of fear
and hence help them.
After spending time in Paris and completing my training as a nurse,I worked in various emergency departments of children’s hospitals, specialising in acute medicine.
It always brought me great joy to accompany the children and their parents.
I now look forward to working within the outpatient section of the surgery and to be involved in preventive medicines as well as being able to offer my knowledge and experience to others.

Valentina Panzera

After finishing work experience in a kindergarten and accomplishing  a voluntary social year in a hospital, I completed my training as a physician’s assistant.
I was always interested in working with people;  especially working with children brought me great joy.
I now look forward to greeting both the smaller and the taller patients in our surgery and their parents cooperation.

Janina Schneider

Being the older sister, I was always used to accepting responsibility.
After completing work experience in various kindergartens, I was absolutely certain that I wanted to work with children.
I had always been interested in medicine and so I decided to begin training as a physician’s assistant.
I’m grateful to have the chance to work in this surgery and I look forward to the experiences that now await me both with older and younger patients.

Nicole Michler

My younger siblings have  always kept me busy over the past few years and hence helped me realise that I love being around children and taking care of them.
So one day I thought to myself ‘ i am going to turn my passion into a career ‘ and I applied for an internship as a physician’s assistant in a children’s clinic.
I am extremely happy that I was accepted and it is already noticeable that this was the right decision.
I look forward to my future training period.

Saskia Döblin

I started training as a physician’s assistant as it was a combination of three things – working with my hands, doing something important and helping people.
I always knew that I wanted to work with children.
I think it is very important that children are not afraid to go to the doctor’s surgery and I hope I will be able to both help children and their parents in making  their visit as pleasant as possible.
I look forward to my time ahead ,where I can  learn immensely, whilst gathering experience.