Our Team

Henry Hubermann

Paediatrician (Specialist in child and adolescence medicine)

Already when I was nine years old, I knew that I wanted to be a paediatrician.

After having worked in various hospitals at home and abroad for many years, I fulfilled my dream of opening my own practice in 2006. Here I can put my expertise and passion to good use.

The children should feel at ease in my practice and should want to come back and the parents should also feel comfortable.

Life is becoming more and more hectic and hardly any one takes the time to listen any more. I always make time for your questions, worries and fears

Dr. Ragnhild Dallwitz

Paediatrician (Specialist in child and adolescence medicine)

When I did my practical year in a neonatal ward, it soon became apparent that I could not imagine being anything other than a paediatrician.

I have been working as a paediatrican since 1997 and as a specialist for paediatrics and youth medicine since 2004.

Being the mother of 3 children, I have gained a lot of additional experience with children and am happy to pass this on along with my medical knowledge. I find the daily work with children and their families very rewarding.

Cornelia Paterna

Paediatrician (Specialist in child and adolescence medicine)

Even in my youth I worked a lot with children, e.g. looking after children’s playgroups in the parish, so that I looked for clinical traineeships in pediatrics early on during my studies. After I saw bright children’s faces when I could help them, it was clear to me that this is exactly what I want for my job.

In 2008 I finished my studies in human medicine in Berlin. After a few years in the clinic, including neonatal intensive care and pulmonology, I have been working in outpatient pediatrics since 2018. I have been a specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine since 2019.

Through my two children I also learned a lot besides conventional medicine.

Marcus Ehrhardt


During my studies it soon became clear to me that adult medicine was not really for me. Working

with children makes me get up every morning and drive to work motivated. Children are relaxed and honest. Kids are fun. That makes the often stressful everyday work a lot easier.

After completing my medical degree in 2013, I initially worked for a few years in two children’s clinics with a focus on pulmonology and the child and youth health service.

Now I am looking forward to a new part of advanced training that will bring me closer to the outpatient medicine with all its facets.

As a father of two children, I can understand a lot of things besides medicine. I am happy to be there for my patients and their families.

Jennifer Gese

Medical assistant

I always wanted to be a doctor’s assistant in a paediatric practice, but due to the scarceness of apprenticeship positions, I had to make a detour. Therefore, I did my apprenticeship at an internistic practice, which I greatly enjoyed.

In the end, my dream came true and I got a job with a paediatrician and could finally work with children, just as I had always wanted to

Eva Thieme

Medical assistant

Due to frequent visits to the Doctor as a child, I  later  decided to become a paediatric nurse,  so I could stand by the little ones and their parents in times of fear

and hence help them.
After spending time in Paris and completing my training as a nurse,I worked in various emergency departments of children’s hospitals, specialising in acute medicine.
It always brought me great joy to accompany the children and their parents.
I now look forward to working within the outpatient section of the surgery and to be involved in preventive medicines as well as being able to offer my knowledge and experience to others.

Besarta Xheladini

Medical assistant

I knew from a young age that I would like to work in the medical field. I am a helpful person and love dealing with people. I really enjoy working with children.It’s a great feeling to know that you can help both children and their parents and support them with any disease and in the development of the child.

I also spend a lot of time with my little niece at home. That’s why I completed my training in a pediatric practice. I have already gathered some years of professional experience in this field and I’m looking forward as a new team member to the new experiences in this pediatric practice.

Saskia Sprung

Medical assistant

As a young girl I didn’t know what I wanted to be, I just knew it should have something to do with children.

So I started training in a pediatric practice. Over the years I learned a lot and gained a lot of experience, which I now like to pass on.

I love and live pediatrics!

Leonora Ljoki

Medical assistant

As the eldest sister of two brothers, I learned early on to take care of them and take responsibility. Since working with children is a lot of fun and joy for me, I am all the happier to stay here as a medical assistant in this pediatric practice after my training.

Here I can live out my interest in medicine and dealing with children and expand my knowledge.

That is why I am very happy to always be there for you and to stand by your side.

Rebekka Kurzbach

Medical assistant

Like so many people my age, I didn’t know exactly what job I wanted to learn after leaving school. Fate brought me to Berlin and at the latest after my three-month internship here in the practice, a veil fell from my eyes and I knew which way I would go.

This is based on my daily growing enthusiasm for medicine, the will to help people and to contribute something to society. I am convinced that our health is our most valuable possession. Ensuring the health of our next generation should be my contribution. Each of us chooses how to be remembered and I choose the hearts of children. For me, the first step towards realizing this wish is to work as a medical assistant. During my apprenticeship I was able to gain a lot of impressions and experiences and learn a lot about it. I am very happy that I can now be a full part of the team and I am excited to see where the path will lead me.

Marie Sander

Medical assistant

I noticed early on through my two little brothers that I enjoy looking after and caring for children. In addition, my interest in medicine increased from year to year. This quickly made it clear: I wanted to work with children, so after school I began training as a medical assistant in Dresden. I knew from day one that this was the right career choice for me.

I love watching them grow up and conquering their little hearts. So I’m looking forward to being a member of the team and looking forward to the further apprenticeship!

Jasminka Beganovic


As a child I dreamed of working in medicine as my aunt does.

I was more than curious what it was like to even save someone’s life, to do a good deed, and to feel good about having helped someone.

My dream is coming true – I am able to complete an apprenticeship in a wonderful pediatric practice. I am always happy to play with kids, to communicate, to see them smile and to conquer their little hearts.

There is nothing better than letting parents know that their child is healthy, growing and doing well. And to stand by them and help them overcome their fears, for example when they have a vaccination or a blood sample.

Working with children gives me great pleasure and that is why I am more than happy to accept the challenges and to accompany your children on their way.