TEL: WILMERSDORF 030 - 636 1888          |         PRENZLAUER BERG 030 - 425 4641
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Dear children, dear parents,

we are still here for you! For every illness, for every vaccination and for every medical check-up.

We separate patients with symptoms of illness from healthy people.

I ask for your understanding that we cannot treat patients with symptoms in our practice  who have had contact with an infected person with coronavirus or who come from a risk area and cannot take smear tests on coronavirus.

We can only allow one parent per child to accompany during this time

You can generally contact us for an appointment or clarification by phone and email.

Please stay healthy and take care of yourself!

Yours Henry Hubermann with colleagues and team


Medical specialists for paediatrics and youth medicine

We can now welcome you both:

…in Wilmersdorf

Helgolandstraße 1
14199 Berlin – Wilmersdorf

Telefon 030 – 636 1888
Fax 030 – 632 28095

…in Prenzlauer Berg

Schliemannstraße 10
10437 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

Telefon 030 – 425 4641
Fax 030 – 420 86648

Practice Hours

(for both practices)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9-12 and 15-18 Uhr
Tuesday 9-12 and 14-16 Uhr
Friday 9-13 Uhr
and by appointment


In addition to general paediatric primary medical care we also offer:

  • additional preventive examinations:
    U10 (7-8 years), U11 (9-10 years), J2 (16-17 years)
  • examinations following outpatient births
  • ultrasound
  • hearing tests
  • Tympanometrie
  • lung function tests
  • allergology
  • lactation and nutrition counselling
  • vaccination consultations and vaccinations
  • Vaccinations for parents
  • Counselling in travel medicine

We speek

German, English, Hebrew, French