Henry Hubermann

Henry Hubermann

Already when I was nine years old, I knew that I wanted to be a paediatrician.

After having worked in various hospitals at home and abroad for many years, I fulfilled my dream of opening my own practice in 2006. Here I can put my expertise and passion to good use.

The children should feel at ease in my practice and should want to come back and the parents should also feel comfortable.

Life is becoming more and more hectic and hardly any one takes the time to listen any more. I always make time for your questions, worries and fears.

Dr. Ragnhild Dallwitz

Dr. Ragnhild Dallwitz

When I did my practical year in a neonatal ward, it soon became apparent that I could not imagine being anything other than a paediatrician.

I have been working as a paediatrican since 1997 and as a specialist for paediatrics and youth medicine since 2004.

Being the mother of 3 children, I have gained a lot of additional experience with children and am happy to pass this on along with my medical knowledge. I find the daily work with children and their families very rewarding.

Markus Arlt

Markus Arlt
(Advanced Training Assistant)

Before taking up medical studies I completed an apprenticeship as a (male) nurse at the Charité.

Since 2010 I have been undertaking my specialist training in general medicine and after having worked in the areas of inner medicine, orthopaedics and emergency surgery, I will be working in the paediatric practice for 9 months.

I am looking forward to be able to accompany the bigger and smaller young personalities in some of their development during this time.

I see it as a challenge to give parents the feeling of security when dealing with and taking care of their children.

I want to achieve this through empathy and open and trusting communication.

Stefanie Wennike

Stefanie Wennike
(Practice Manager)

Little personalities from birth!!!

Since August 2004 this has been my guiding principle for my work in paediatric practices. I also worked in a gynaecological practice, where, for many years, I gained an understanding of the fears and worries of the parents-to-be already before their first visit to the paediatrician.

In November 2013 I took the exams as manager for outpatient medical care.

I am looking forward to support and advise our patients and to assist in making the day-to-day life in the practice as pleasant as possible.

Jennifer Baier

Jennifer Baier

I gained my experience as a doctor‘s assistant working in a gynaecological practice specialising in fertility treatment and high-risk pregnancies.

As I love working with children, it has always been my desire to work in a paediatric practice. Being a mother, I can empathise with your fears and worries and am happy to give you advice and support.

It is a good feeling if we can help children not to be afraid so that they leave the practice with a bright smile on their face.

Merle Schwander

Merle Schwander

As I was hospitalised several times when I was a child, it has always been my heartfelt wish to become a paediatric nurse.

Following my training in nursing, I worked in Berlin, Athens and Heildelberg in different wards with premature babies, newborns and small and big children for many years. Having lived in Greece for many years has influenced me – I am therefore very familiar with similar mentalities.

Here in the practice the team and I want to support you and your children with warmth and patience.

Saskia Sprung

Saskia Sprung

Already as a child I was very active with many other children.

From an early age, I took on the responsibility for the little ones in our extended family.

Therefore, becoming a doctor‘s assistant in a paediatric practice felt natural.

I am happy to share my experience as a doctor‘s assistant and mother with the children and their parents.

Sofie Metzger

Sofie Metzger

Basically I am here today because of my older sister. She is my idol – and when she became a doctor’s assistant, I wanted to become one too!

I did my apprenticeship at a paediatrician in Zehlendorf and quickly saw how much I enjoy this job.

I have been a medical assistant with specialised knowledge in allergology since 2009.

I very much enjoy working with children. With my sensitive demeanour I can convince even the most sceptical of our patients in the consulting room.

Jennifer Gese

Jennifer Gese

I always wanted to be a doctor’s assistant in a paediatric practice, but due to the scarceness of apprenticeship positions, I had to make a detour. Therefore, I did my apprenticeship at an internistic practice, which I greatly enjoyed.

In the end, my dream came true and I got a job with a paediatrician and could finally work with children, just as I had always wanted to.

Dania Linde

Dania Lorenz

When I will have completed my apprenticeship in this practice, I am looking forward to experiencing day-to-day life in the paediatric practice in all its facets. Having children of my own, I know how important the sensitive and attentive care during a doctor‘s visit is for children and their parents.

Therefore, I would like to support the practice team to create as pleasant an atmosphere as possible for our small patients.

Elena Erdt

Elena Erdt

Following my internships at the kindergarten and in a mother-child ward at the hospital, it was clear to me that I definitely wanted to work with children!

I like to work with the smallest ones and with the young “adults”

I am looking forward to the apprenticeship, questions and laughing children.

Victoria Brandenburger

Victoria Brandenburger (apprentice)

I recently completed high school and have just started my apprenticeship as medical assistant.

I was lucky enough to have interned at a diaconal institution. During the internship it became clear that I wanted to work with people and in particular with children.

Before taking up medical studies I want to gain some experience, work with children, learn many new things and work in the medical field.

I have already realised how much I enjoy the work and how much I will be learning here!